Student Application

How to Apply

Students will submit an application as well as complete an interview with members of the GCSP Steering Committee. Applicants must meet the following criteria to enter the Tulane GCSP:

  • Declared major in one of the SSE majors. Note that applicant does not need to be an SSE major to apply. 
  • Sophomores must have completed at least 60 credits towards graduation by the end of the semester
  • Juniors must have completed at least 90 credits towards graduation by the end of the semester
  • Completed at least one requirement option in at least two of the five program competencies
  • Completed their first tier service learning requirement
  • Submitted online application form including an essay
  • Submitted recommendation form from an SSE faculty member who is not on the GCSP Steering Committee
  • Submitted GCSP Plan of Study approved by the GCSP Director, Faculty Mentor, and GCSP Steering Committee (completed through essay and interview process)


1. ESSAYS: Please upload your responses to the questions/prompts below. Maximum of 300 words per question.

  1. What motivated you to become a GC Scholar?
  2. Which Grand Challenge(s) do you want to focus on and why?
  3. Please give a brief description of how you will fulfill your competency requirements.
  4. As part of the GCSP, you will be part of a cohort of GC Scholars. Please describe what you bring to the cohort and what you hope to gain from the cohort experience.

2. TRANSCRIPT: Please upload an unofficial copy of your transcript below.


Use the naming convention below for your essay and transcript:



If you have any further questions about the essay or transcript, please email


3. FORM: Completely fill out the form below.